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Energy Psychology Workshop. V

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
On the beach at Kohala Coast Fairmont Orchid on the first day of the
Energy Psychology Seminar with Dr. George Pratt. In the photo, Dr. Pratt is muscle testing my new friend Joanne, after clearing an old negative pattern from her childhood that has been blocking her for years. Amazing stuff!

What is Energy Psychology?

Essentially, it is an emerging area of
psychology where anceint wisdom meets modern science. The work of Dr. George Pratt is an exciting blend of Cognitive Psychology and
Acupuncture. It offers an effective and efficient way to clear
anything off our brain's hardwiring that no longer serves us--e.g.,
those persisting negative thoughts & emotions that are the saboteur of
our goals. AND, this is why I am here -- to incorporate these
seemingly "too good to be true" new and effective tools into my Snap
Out Of It NOW! processes! I want to make it as easy and effortless as
possible for my clients to cleanse the old conditioning that no longer
serves them in order to wire in more positive and empowering thoughts,
beliefs, and feelings that support all they want to do, be, and have
in life.

Stay tuned! Today, I swim with the magnificent spinner dolphins of
Hawaii, who I anticipate may be my greatest teachers.
With an open heart,

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