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Who's the Liar?

Monday, August 24, 2009
Let's see how your brain operates to discern subtle information.  Here are two videos of the same person. In one, he is telling a story which is true. In the other, he is telling a lie. I have the sound turned off, so just by looking at him, see if you can guess which is which. 

By the time we become adults, we're all unconscious experts at body language, so pay special attention to his eyes, his gestures, his breathing and see if you can tell who's the liar?

How many of you think that he's lying in the one on the right? 

How many think it's the one on the left?  

If you thought it was the one of the right, think for a moment, "why?"   

And, if you thought he was lying in the one of the left -- think of your reasoning for making this decision.

Okay.... so, now that you've come up with a very good rationale for your opinion, let me just tell you that the only liar in this situation is ME!  This guy in the video was actually reciting poetry, the same poem in fact.  But because I convinced you that one was a lie, your brain pulled itself together and gave you concrete, well-thought through evidence for one or the other.  You actually "saw" things differently.  

Pretty amazing, huh?

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