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Unlock Your Brain's Power on KPBS-TV Channel 11, Saturday August 8th at 7 PM

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
The power of the brain has much more effect on our health, wealth, and general well-being than any external circumstance. Most of us have it backwards because we haven't understood how the brain works – and how we can consciously re-wire it to support our goals.

So many of us have been hit hard by this economy, and we are doing all we know to do to keep afloat and repair the damage to our lives. But all of our activity will be fruitless unless we get our brains on board.

The intrinsic power of our brains holds the key to surviving and thriving during these difficult times—not outside forces.
Though it's great to understand how the brain works, just understanding the science of the brain won't change your life. During my KPBS-TV Special on Saturday, August 8th at 7pm, I will show you how to apply this science through simple and practical tools designed to:
    * Reduce stress and relieve anxiety related to financial and career issues
    * Re-wire neuropathways that hold limiting or counter-productive beliefs regarding money, occupation, what is possible and impossible
    * Enhance creative problem-solving mechanisms and tap intrinsic wisdom to address current challenges
    * Reclaim our identity as strong, capable, and resilient

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