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Rancho Santa Fe Review and Del Mar Village Voice say, "Snap Out Of It NOW!"

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Matt Liebowit, a journalist with the Rancho Santa Fe Review, the Del Mar Village Voice, and the Carmel Valley News, called me last week to interview me about my KPBS-TV Special and my recent return to full-time therapy and coaching private practice in Del Mar and Carmel Valley.  Matt's article came out today in all three papers.  I've copied a bit of it below and if you're interested, you click on the link at the bottom to read more!  I feel so grateful for the exposure to my work now that I am back home building my private practice.

Local psychologist Dr. Adrianne Ahern takes breakthrough ‘Snap out of it NOW!’ approach to national spotlight

By Matt Liebowitz

In matters of psychological health and well-being, often it’s the simple solution that warrants the most focus. Such is the case with the Dr. Adrianne Ahern, whose groundbreaking approach to psychology—simple and deeply scientific at once—is gaining widespread, national attention.

Ahern, a clinical psychologist who lives and practices locally, is the author of two books, Snap Out of it NOW! (2007), and Back in Charge, which came out in June 2009. Both books outline Ahern’s techniques of how to “rewire” the brain, as she puts it, to break out of conditioned habits and thought patterns and use the brain’s intrinsic physiology to achieve personal and professional success.

read more here....

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