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Get "Back in Charge!" and Support KPBS

Monday, August 10, 2009

My in-studio interview at KPBS on Saturday night was really fun!  Thank you to all of you who watched and to those of you who set your DVR or Tivo to watch at a later time.

If you recorded "Snap Out Of It NOW!" and didn't have the chance to call in to join or renew your KPBS membership, you can do that NOW! online by clicking here.  Make sure to select, "Snap Out Of It NOW!" in the "Search by Program" drop down menu and choose the "thank you" gifts you would like.

The DVD of the special is only available through pledging your support to KPBS.  And, remember that my second book, "Back In Charge!" was written to support the material offered in the Public Television special, so the combo package will be the best way to begin rewiring your brain to start supporting your efforts at self-improvement!

Wishing you focus, fitness, and flexibility in body and mind!

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