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The Power of Imagination

Sunday, July 19, 2009
To carve a new neuropathway into your brain, a  new thought pattern that will serve you and your purpose, you’ll want to use your imagination.
Here’s the important point to remember: your brain can't tell the difference between an experience that actually happens and one that is imagined.
So, the brain will be as responsive to a good visualization as it is to something that actually happens. For instance, when athletes visualize a race or a golf round or an event to train for peak performance, their physiological response is measurable and looks just like it does when they are actually performing. The brain sends out the very same signals to the body's systems as it would in the "real life" situation. 
Now, when we were kids most of us were pretty good imaginers. We would pretend to be heroes or mommies or world-famous musicians. And when we pretended, we got all of our senses involved: we walked like a pirate and felt brave and fearless. We could smell the briny sea and hear the ocean waves, right? This is the kind of imagining or visualization that your brain will respond to.
So, when carving a new neuropathway into your brain, you’ll want to get all your senses involved and use the power of your imagination to create the reality you want!

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