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KPBS Airs "Snap Out Of It NOW!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009
Check out KPBS and their promotion of Snap Out Of It NOW! -- read what is being said about my work and my public television show!

"Move over Dr. Phil – Dr. Adrianne Ahern teaches you how to rewire your brain to confront life’s challenges for greater success and wellbeing.

Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed out? Clinical psychologist Adrianne Ahern has a solution – Snap Out of It NOW!®. Dr. Ahern, renowned for her pioneering work in developing human potential, has developed a breakthrough methodology to help train the brain to support optimal health, success, and wellbeing. Ahern can teach you how to rewire your brain to meet and conquer life’s challenges." read more, click here!

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