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The Internal Authority that Runs Your Life!

Thursday, July 16, 2009
It doesn’t matter whether the direction or information your brain is given is TRUE or FALSE: your brain is totally obedient and activates all of your physical systems –your visual perception, your heart rate, your glands, your hearing, your emotions -- to act according to that direction or belief.

Your brain responds to external direction, but more importantly, your brain responds to your internal direction or beliefs. This internal authority will always over-ride the external. So for instance, if I tell you a puzzle is impossible, but your internal authority says, "Hey, I'm terrific at puzzles. I'll ace these!" that's the direction that your brain will follow. If I tell you that the puzzles are easy but your internal authority says that you are hopeless at puzzles, your brain will still respond as if they are difficult. This internal authoritythese internal beliefs, whether you are aware of them or not, and whether they are true or not, run your life. These are your internal conditioned beliefs or your conditioning. It's this conditioning, this internal authority, that you need to re-wire in order to create the life you'll love!

Now, some of our conditioning is appropriate for certain times but destructive in others. Think about an automatic sprinkler system. It works great when all the settings are right. It just does its thing without your attention. But what if its settings are for winter: no water, 7 days a week? Great, during winter. Maybe even okay for spring. But once it hits summer, your sprinkler's settings are no longer so great. Unless you can re-set your sprinkler to deal with its new circumstance, your lawn is lost!

The conditioned beliefs you have had about career and finances may have been fine for normal economic times. "I'm not smart enough to start my own business" was okay back then. "This is the only career I'll ever be good at." Or "My broker will watch out for my interests" or "I could never live in a house with roommates" was okay back then. But circumstances have changed -- dramatically. It's summer. You may need to change your conditioned settings.

The good news is that we can consciously condition our brains to operate in directions we choose – to change its settings now that it’s summer.  

If this makes sense to you check out my new book “Back in Charge!” 

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