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How Does Your Brain Work?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Are you aware that your brain, not circumstance, controls your outcomes? I know many of you are doing all you can think of to find work, increase income, deal with your finances, etc. But even if you are "doing all the right things," you may not be getting results. 


If you’re focusing on how bad the economy is, how many people have been laid off in your industry, how many other people have lost money…well, that's  exactly what you are going to see. Your brain will not let you see that unusual opportunity or that potential opening in your field.

Some of you are walking around knowing that the sky is going to fall and you'll be lucky to survive at all. Others are seeing this time as an opportunity to change business as usual and create a more positive world.

Here’s the thing:  your brain doesn't care which is right, but it’s directing your emotions, heart rate, breathing – all of your systems – to prepare for a future event (whether it’s filled with positivity and inspiration or doom and gloom) that it believes will happen.   

Stay tuned for my next post – “The Internal Authority that Runs Your Life!”

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