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Energy Psychology

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
From distracted frenzy to focused relaxation!

I want to share something that I experienced today that was very exciting and had a particularly grounding effect on me.  I met with my friend and colleague, Dr. George Pratt, at his private practice office in La Jolla, CA (on the Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Campus).  George, knowing that I just moved my home and office from Reno, NV to Del Mar, CA, suggested that I might benefit from a few energy techniques that he writes about in his book, "Instant Emotional Healing."   I eagerly accepted his offer and we spent the next 20 minutes doing some deep breathing, some unique movements with my hands, and some muscle testing.  I came into his office feeling pressured and tense due to the hectic schedule triggered by my desire to get settled "FAST," -- and I left feeling confidant, focused and relaxed.  Not surprisingly, I moved through my day feeling focused and filled with a sense of calm.

I want to recommend George's book to you if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or doubtful, fearful, and not living to your fullest potential -- or maybe your experiencing a transition that is setting off feelings of frustration and irritability.   Pick up a copy and let me know what you think!

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