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Awareness Test

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
I’m preparing for a keynote I’ll be giving next week at a business luncheon in La Jolla and thought you all might enjoy this little awareness test. 
In my talks I show the audience some of the ways our brain works and how it – not circumstance -- controls our outcomes. Many of you have been doing all you can think of to keep your businesses going, increase income, encourage your employees and/or families, etc. But even if you are "doing all the right things," you may not be getting results. Let me show you why.
Here's a video about perception and awareness:

How many of you saw the moon-walking bear the first time through?

So how does that relate to us right now? If you’re conditioned to focus on how bad the economy is, how many businesses have closed in your industry, how many other people have lost money…well, that's what you are going to see. Your brain will not let you see the moon-walking bear or that unusual opportunity or that potential opening in your field. But if you re-wire your brain, your internal authority to start looking for the moon-walking bear, your brain will let you see it. 
You can consciously re-wire your brain so that your conditioned beliefs and attitudes support you, embrace positive change, help you feel empowered in challenging times.  And when we feel empowered? We come up with brilliant ideas, effective strategies, innovative solutions.
So how do we get there?   There are four basic steps to the process -- you can read about them and start the process with getting, “Back in Charge!

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