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Why Self-Improvement Does NOT Work

Sunday, June 14, 2009
I want to explain to you why all of the effort you have put into self-improvement has very little chance of ever, ever working. You know the programs--you've tried the programs!
  • Get thighs like Cameron Diaz in 30 days!
  • Lower your golf handicap by 10 strokes in two days!
  • Be debt-free and a millionaire within 6 months?
  • 3 easy steps to improve your sex life!
You know what? Many of these programs are valid and could really be effective. Except for one critical point: your brain will reject them. Let me repeat: your brain will reject them.
Similar to the way a body will reject a donor organ that is not compatible, your brain – the most powerful muscle you have – will reject thoughts, ideas, or possibilities that are incompatible or foreign to it. Why? Because your brain is "conditioned." And, that conditioning holds the key to your success or failure.

(What's conditioning? Click here to watch a video clip: "Free the Mohini!")

So... how do we overcome this conditioning? Well, I'll tell you a couple of methods that don't work so well. One is affirmations. Now before you jump all over me, there are ways to make affirmative statements effective. But just plopping a happy, fluffy, shiny thought over a grimy, nasty, negative one does not work. That's like spraying your nasty gym shoes with Eau de Cologne – the stink is still there and the combination is almost worse!

Another method that usually doesn't work in the long run: will power. Will power has a stronger voice, but it still has to argue with the voice of your conditioning which is why it takes so much effort.

So enough about what doesn't work--want to know what does? Aligned focus works. Aligned focus means that your conditioning is aligned with what you want so that any action you take toward that goal becomes effective. You need to re-wire the neuro-pathways of your brain so that it uses its power for you, not against you.

You want to loose weight so you wire your brain with the message: "I'm naturally slim and healthy" not "I've always been fat!"  If you want to break the record in the downhill slalom, your brain needs to be aligned with that goal so it will direct the blood flow to the right muscles, deepen your breathing, let you see opportunities for cutting time, etc, etc. If you want to stop yelling at your kid, your brain needs to be on board to keep your adrenalin from flowing to your vocal chords when you find out she hasn't done her homework.  Does this make sense?

If this makes sense to you -- get "Back In Charge!" and start rewiring your brain so that it starts supporting all you want to do, be, and have in life!

Wishing you focus, fitness, and flexibility in body and mind!

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