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Why Hospitals Should Fly

Saturday, June 27, 2009
As I move my clinical and consulting psychological office back home to San Diego, my friend, Renee, Process Improvement Coordinator for the Scripps Green Hospital and famous book artist from Escondido,  recommended a book that I should read as I prepare to return to working within the Scripps Hospital culture.  This book, "Why Hospitals Should Fly," not only defines the changes needed to arrive at a "culture of safety" within our country's hospitals, but it is a really good read! 

Get a copy today and start reading the story of St. Michael's, the fictional hospital used by the author, John Nance, to show what a culture of safety looks like in hospitals. St. Michael's transformation to a culture of safety should be the model for our hospitals today! 

I am reading this book as I want to understand the current challenges presented to healthcare employees as they face the enormous changes required in creating a 'culture of safety' within their own hospital.  Did you know that nearly 90,000 people die from hospital acquired infections along? (This is the number currently estimated by the CDC.)  As Nance illuminates for us in his book, the problem is not one of expertise or resources, it is one of relationships.

I look forward to reconnecting and working in collaboration with my Scripps friends, and doing whatever I can to facilitate this cultural transformation.

Wishing you focus, fitness, and flexibility in body and mind!


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