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Saturday, June 27, 2009
I just received the below email from a Joe Parks, a subscriber to the Snap Out Of It NOW! e-newsletter.  FYI -- If you want to post a message on my blog, you need to have a google ( or email account.

Message from Joe:

OOps. No Google acct yet. This is the comment I was going to add to your post about your move to San Diego.

Congrats on your move. I recently reread an earlier email of yours. Remarkably, a day or two earlier, I heard a similar message in different words when I was watching the tennis at Wimbledon. During a tennis-tip minute or some such thing, a coach pointed out that getting angry or sad after a bad sequence wasn't going to help a player. Furthermore, if the player tried to hide his anger or sadness, doing so would be completely unhelpful. Rather, the player had to find or develop something positive on which to focus. Otherwise, he was on the way to playing poorly because of his negative frame of mind.

All the best,

Joe Parks

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