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How To Get Back in Charge!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
The Facts. Period.

Even without understanding the neuroscience of the brain, you can experience how to harness its power through this simple, practical exercise…

Oftentimes, especially when we’re under pressure, we get carried away by our conditioned reactions. For example, say I find out that my next GET BACK IN CHARGE! workshop has only 14 people signed up so far. "Oh, my gosh! Only 14 people! Obviously, the word isn't getting out. My PR people must not be doing their job. Or maybe the sponsors. Or maybe the word is getting out and nobody wants to come. I've spent all of this time and effort to put this together and nobody will experience it! What's the matter with people? I get paid thousands of dollars to speak but now that I'm offering something for free, nobody shows up. Or maybe what I have to offer isn't really valuable. Maybe. . ." Can you relate?

An event happens and our internal conditioning takes off and runs with it!

Well, try this. The next time you hear news or experience something that usually throws you into reaction (anxiety, anger, uncertainty, fear), PAUSE, restate the facts of the situation, and add a forceful "period" to the end of it. Don't allow your brain to speculate or follow its normal path of anxious thoughts. Just state the facts neutrally, then say "period." "Twelve people have signed up for my workshop so far. PERIOD."

Try this out for yourself: "I can't pay my morgage this month. Period." "The company lost an account this week. Period." "Home prices in San Diego are at an all time low. Period." By cutting off your brain's typical dialogue, you reclaim your place of choice. You'll find yourself responding to life's situations more creatively and positively. And you'll feel better!

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