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Got Negative Self Talk?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Uncover the beliefs that are holding you back!

Here's an exercise from my new book, "Back In Charge!," to help you start releasing that negative self-talk!

Begin to identify the conditioned beliefs, the specific hardwiring, that has been blocking your efforts to reach your goals and desires.  For example, some conditioned beliefs you may have about career and finances may sound something like, “I’m not smart enough to start my own business” or “This is the only career I’ll ever be good at” or “I’ve never been good with numbers.” As long as these limiting beliefs remain unconscious, they maintain the power to sabotage your efforts. Once they are brought to light of day, you can work with them using processes outlined in the chapters of “Back in Charge!”

Begin by listing goals and desires that you have and for each goal or desire, write about the efforts you have made in the past to achieve them and the results of those efforts.

Next, list all the limiting beliefs you have about each goal. Remember that your limiting beliefs may sound very true to you: “I can't find a relationship because all the good men are taken.” “I can't start that career because I’m too old.”

If you can't identify what the limiting belief says, how does it feel? To get to that feeling, imagine taking action toward your goal or remember actions you’ve taken in the past. Did staying on a diet feel difficult? Discouraging? As if you were depriving yourself of pleasure? Note those feelings. Often as you experience those feelings, the negative belief associated with them will surface. Once you can acknowledge the limiting belief, you are taking back control and getting back in charge of your life!

Through this exercise, you are beginning to identify the limiting beliefs that your brain is working as hard as it can to support!

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