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ESPN Calls Dr. A for New Show SportsNation

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Today, I rehearsed for a new ESPN show, SportsNation, airing July 2009. Host Colin Cowherd wanted to discuss overreaction in the sports world (in relation to the NBA Finals). The producer saw my Public television show and knew I counsel athletes and teams, so I took 5 minutes out of my day to chat with Colin.

A sample of the ESPN interview:

CC: What is it about being down 0-2 that makes it so hard for teams to come back?

Dr A: When a team is down 0-2 the players begin to recycle all the negative experiences they’ve had when they’ve been down. It takes something like MADONNA coming into that locker room and saying, “Boys, Be men!” Madonna appeals to their emotions—to their heart. And, when a team is down 0-2 it takes a lot of heart to turn it around…

CC: David Ortiz struggles this season has been well-documented. If Big Papi walks into your office - what would you say to him?

Dr. A: I’d spit in my hands, rub them together and say, “Big Papi, let’s talk!” Here’s how I work, we acknowledge what we’re going through. So, Big Papi what do you need to acknowledge?“ You see people don't want to acknowledge self-doubt, self-consciousness, or fear. They think that by ignoring, denying or avoiding these feelings they'll just go away, but they don't go away--they continue to build and eventually sabotage our efforts to succeed. What we acknowledge, we have power over. So, as I always say to my clients, "Face it, or get chased by it!"

Chatting with Colin was fun--hope the producer calls me back!

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