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Snap Out Of It Now! With Dr. Adrianne Ahern

Friday, May 8, 2009
Depends on the Question

"Ask the right questions if you're to find the right answers."
Vanessa Redgrave

So many of us are focused on the economy and how it affects us personally, and those we love. We're all looking for answers. But, after presenting the first Get Back in Charge! workshop early this month, it occurred to me that what we really need to be seeking for ourselves is the right questions.

Once we take some deep breaths, release our anxiety and unplug from some of our negative conditioning, we discover that our brains have unlimited capacity to find positive solutions for us. But our brains will only respond to the questions we pose to them. If we ask ourselves, "How can I scrape by this month?" or "What will happen to me if I lose my house?” our brains focus on helping us only "scrape by" and remain in the cycle of worry and fear. But what if we ask, "How can I use this period, not only get by, but to create a new, more fulfilling life for myself?" Can you feel the difference?

I ran into this difference for myself several weeks ago. I had been stressing over various aspects of my business and asking questions like: How can I make this more profitable? How can I get to the levels of success others have achieved? What should I do if my public television show/new book/speaking career lose momentum? How can I get faster results? My brain offered plenty of answers to these questions – all of which added to my stress!

Finally in the middle of another anxious night, it came to me: The only question I needed to ask was "How can I serve others?" As soon as I heard that question, I felt a flood of relief. My brain offered up wonderful images of ways I had, could, and would serve others. I realized that all of the prior questions I had been asking were blocking me from seeing and experiencing what was really possible for me -- and what was really important to me. Those questions came from my fears, not from who I truly am. Now, when I focus my brain on that one question – How can I serve others? -- I feel calm, energized, creative and inspired.

So what questions have you been posing to your brain? Are they questions rooted in fear or from the best part of yourself? Are they small questions that assume small outcomes? Or are they the questions that tap the yearnings of your soul? Whichever questions you ask, your brain will not know the difference. It will offer up answers to whatever you ask of it. So choose wisely.

The participants of our first
Get Back in Charge! workshop took the first steps to asking bigger questions by working with old, negative conditioning and unearthing new possibilities for themselves. Some of their comments:

"I learned that I can choose my thoughts and beliefs. The only important question is 'Does it serve me?'" -Lynne

"I left feeling more compassion for the part of me that bought into false truths. I can choose something different." -Wanda

"I became aware of how much fear had shaped my perceptions. That if you think a situation is not resolvable, it isn't!" -Blair

We still have some openings for the San Diego Get Back in Charge! workshop on April 21st. If you have been negatively affected by the present economy, please join us. And please let friends and family who might benefit from this workshop know about it as well.
To register, go to

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Wishing you focus, fitness, & flexibility in mind and body.

P.S. I can't resist offering a few more quotes I found about questions!

"In order for answers to become clear, the questions have to be clear."
Abdolkarim Soroush

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers."

"Questions structure and, so, to some extent predetermine answers."
A.R. Ammons

"Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers."
Tony Robbins

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