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Cleansing Negative Conditioning

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
“We are betrayed by what is false within.”
George Meredith

My newsletter is a bit late as I have been engrossed in my Public Television project. I’m very excited about it! And, I’m pleased to share that we’ve had tremendous response so our audience for the filming on Sept 7th is completely full! I’ll let you know when it airs.
In the meantime, I want to share the steps from the segment I’m working on right now: cleansing old negative conditioning. This step is often overlooked. But if you don’t cleanse or at least soften your strong negative belief, you’ll struggle with any new, positive beliefs you try to introduce to your brain.

Here are the steps:

1. What do you want?
What do you really want that you’ve struggled with? Maybe you want to feel more confident socially or take the risk to move from your role of wife and mom to begin a new career. Maybe you want to be healthier or make more money. Maybe you want to heal certain relationships. Take a moment and name it for yourself.

2. Acknowledge the negative message getting in your way.
What is the belief that is in the way? Maybe you feel incapable or that you don’t have enough time to do what you want. You’re too old, too weak, too stupid, too shy. What is your brain saying about it? Whatever it is for you, bring that message up now.

3. Identify the feelings and emotions holding the message in place.
As you think about that message, be aware of how it feels in your body and emotions. You might feel a tight jaw or jittery stomach. You might feel panicked or angry or overwhelmed. You might just feel stuck. Whatever the negative conditioning is, don’t resist it. Just be aware of it and feel it.

4. Breathe – feel and release the negative message and its emotion.
Breathe deeply. Acknowledge your negative thought and feeling on the inhale and release it on the exhale. For instance, inhale and acknowledge “I feel inadequate,” feeling that sense of hopelessness, then exhale and release the thought, “I feel inadequate,” and release the sense of hopelessness with whatever physical sensations accompany it. Whatever the particular message and emotions are for you, inhale and feel … then exhale and release.

5. Visualize your breath cleansing all thought and feeling
Imagine your breath washing through you, cleansing all negative thought and feeling. Continue to breathe until you feel a shift in your feelings.

The process described above will help remove that old negative belief from your brain and your physiology. The feeling—sadness, hopelessness, anger, etc — that is tied to your message is carving the negative belief more deeply into your brain. The belief and its feeling (your body’s experience of the belief) must be brought to awareness and experienced before it can be released.

Cleansing the old conditioned pathway is powerful in itself, though you do want to insert a new positive belief as well. But please understand that only practice makes permanent. In other words, the power of this process is not in doing it once, but doing it frequently until you’ve actually carved a new neuro-pathway into your brain. Use it several times per day until it becomes natural to you. That’s when you’ll get real traction toward what you want.
Wishing you focus, fitness and flexibility in mind and body,

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