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Peak Performance Begins by Overcoming Obstacles

Thursday, May 24, 2007
“Snap out of it now! Take control of your life and don’t look back. Challenge yourself to form your own destiny.”– Tamika Catchings
Tamika Catchings, Olympic Gold medalist & WNBA All-Star, wrote the introduction to Snap Out Of It Now!, and in it she says, “Happiness starts from within, and if we want to get the most out of our lives, it’s important that we start with ourselves. By reading Snap Out Of It Now!, you are committing yourself to breaking out of a negative mindset and enjoying a happier life.”
Peak Performance begins by Overcoming Obstacles
I work with peak performers, from top athletes to CEOs and everyone else in between who is seeking peak performance in an area of their life. Tamika Catchings is a peak performer!
During the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, Tamika was a starter on the USA Women’s Basketball team and helped bring home the gold after a perfect performance. In 2007 she is as active in the community as she is on the basketball court—she gives countless hours of her time teaching at basketball camps and clinics and motivating youth to be all that they can be.
And yet, as a young girl, Tamika remembers, “running home from school just about everyday wanting to give up and wondering why I had to be so different. The constant negativity that surrounded me in my childhood and the constant tears that flooded my life made me question God’s purpose for me on this earth.”
What makes athletes like Tamika Catchings excel, even in the face of adversity? What do some people have that makes them capable of overcoming hardship and doubt and then becoming seemingly unbeatable?
The peak performer develops an unshakeable belief in her unique abilities.
The peak performer bounces back from setbacks with optimism.
The peak performer regains mental/emotional/physiological balance following uncontrollable events.
The main difference between the average performer and the peak performer is that peak performers experience little or no resistance to looking within themselves and working towards overcoming a performance barrier. They do whatever it takes to achieve their vision.
You can become a Peak Performer
Our genes determine most everything—how tall we will be, how intelligent we become, and, to a great extent, how physically resilient we may be—but our genes do not determine whether or not we will become a peak performer. Peak performance is about looking within oneself and harnessing the inner power that we all possess to reach our maximum potential. And while nurturing a belief in oneself, peak performance requires training for higher levels of mental focus and emotional flexibility—being able to control your thinking and feeling, which ultimately determine your actions.
Anyone can be trained to control their thinking and feeling…you can be conditioned to be a peak performer. Wherever you may have begun your life, no matter your circumstances, you have the key within yourself to achieve your life’s vision. Now is the time to commit and practice—Snap Out of it Now! is your performance coach in a book.
With an open heart,
Adrianne Ahern, Ph.D.
Performance Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and author of Snap Out Of It Now!
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